Pod is a path. Pod is life.

Forging a trail through the new territory, pod artists and activists around the world celebrate the cusp of culture and consciousness. In true podular fashion, here is a dew drop of art and mysticism with a welcome to all artists to participate in creating a global media vehicle for sharing visionary arts and culture worldwide :

Celebrating ‘Love’ in art and creative expression, the next edition of CoSM Journal of Visionary Culture will uplift and inspire people across the planet. Artists can participate through our space sponsorship program, a conscious crowd funding campaign for including visionary artists around the world while raising the money for printing and design. Join us in the love. Email delvin@cosm.org for more details.


“Albert Hoffman used to say that love was the highest refinement of light because all life owes it’s existence to the sun. Our planet is at just the proper distance from a star to not be scorched and not be frozen, perfect for the emergence of self-replicating DNA. Every phase of cosmic evolution has been a succession of miracles. First was the differentiation between light and void in the flaring birth of our cosmos. The cosmic creative force emerged from seething chaos sub-atomic particles to atoms, molecules, cells, multi-cellular beings, each a giant leap of becoming over billions of years, to form the material world we know. Einstein claimed he was most astonished by the fact of “the existence of anything at all.” The human species has mythologized the force of love in Eros, the erotic urgency toward the beloved. The Force of Love at the source and center of existence has called forth the universe to discover itself. Forces weave the tapestry of our world, sewn together by sacred relationships.” – Alex Grey and Allyson Grey

Alex Grey, Love is a Cosmic Force, acrylic on canvas, 76 x 101 cm, www.alexgrey.com

Alex Grey, Love is a Cosmic Force, acrylic on canvas, 76 x 101 cm, www.alexgrey.com

Of all the forces

The strong, the weak, the gravitational

The electromagnetic

The strangest, strongest force of all

Is the force of Love.

Beyond all form

Love is the kosmic adhesive

Binding the All

And playing out its rites

In every dimension.

— from “The Love Rites of Kali and Shiva”, Art Psalms by Alex Grey

Alex Grey, Third Force, 2005, acrylic on wood, 36 x 84 inch, www.alexgrey.com

Alex Grey, Third Force, 2005, acrylic on wood, 36 x 84 inch, www.alexgrey.com

Journeying through the inner reaches of visionary reality, artists everywhere are exploring new and creative ways to express the ineffable. Every moment is a unique opportunity to love, and share new visions of love to uplift and inspire a more artful world. Celebrating creativity as a spiritual practice, the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors co-creates CoSM Journal of Visionary Culture to support its Core Mission to build an enduring sanctuary of visionary art to inspire every pilgrim’s creative path and embody the values of love and perennial wisdom.

The special edition, number 10, ‘Love’ volume of CoSM journal is being crafted by Allyson Grey, Alex Grey, Eli Morgan, Delvin Solkinson, Sijay James, Jon Ohia and Joness Joness. We are sharing wisdom on love from Spiritual Leaders, Artists and Futurists from a wide variety of disciplines.

This new edge publication will feature an amazing array of new edge thinkers including Ken Wilbur, Ian Mackenzie, Core Love, Alex Grey and Allyson Grey. Expect an outpouring of love in full spectrum colour from visionary masters and maestras like Shrine, Cryptik, Martina Hoffmann, Robert Venosa.

The Chapel of Sacred Mirrors honors the creative spark in each of us as a direct connection with divinity. Art practiced in service to love and divinity weaves together the global Visionary Arts Movement.

We are joyed to be working on the new ‘Love’ volume of CoSM journal. Here is a unique opportunity to sponsor space to share your artwork with the World Community through the ‘CoSMic Gallery’, a feature section of the journal. Sponsorships are also available for advertising a business or project. Contact Delvin Solkinson for more details.

“Love is not an aberration, or the brief bumping together of meaningless molecules… Love is the fabric and foundation of every manifest thing. The visible universe is an ornament of a seething boundless net of Love. It condenses into every weird and wonderful shape.  Occasionally one may glimpse this timeless firmament, the infinite One, the sacred marriage field of all beings, the mystic primordial background to the foreground of the material world. This glimpse can be found in the eye of the Beloved. Lovers are temporal extensions of the trans-temporal field. One reason loving relationships can be successful is in their recognition of themselves as extensions of a transpersonal field of Love.”

~Alex Grey