Simon Haiduk delivers this short yet evocative motion piece, combining his skills with painting, motion graphics and music to create a trailer promoting the newest book by James Jesso; “The True Light Of Darkness”.

“There are two aspects of humanity that been with us since the dawn of our kind: Storytelling and Visionary Plants. The latter is not for everybody as it takes us to places beyond ourselves, into realms of the mind unplumbed, unfathomable, and often unpleasant. Yet the former allows us to share such experiences with each other. The Story is a vessel of consciousness that unlocks experiences from the individuated shell and releases them into the collective, wherein we can learn from them together.

From the author of Author of Decomposing The Shadow: Lessons From The Psilocybin Mushroom, comes a captivating and vulnerable exposé into the dark recesses of the human psyche. This book follows the author as he recounts in 3 of his most turbulent and dark experiences with visionary mushrooms. Through Story, he takes us along as he travels through depression, self-loathing, inadequacy and feeling unable to love and out the other side into confidence, courage and inspiration. From day time trips with friends gone sour, beyond a night ripe with psychotic breaks, and into the watery confines of facing depression in a sensory deprivation tank,The True Light Of Darkness is a vehicle of insight on what it means to ask to be broken in the hopes of finding wholeness.”

Check out Simon’s directors cut here:
You’ll soon be able to see this and more of Simon’s motion pieces on Blackdove motion art platform.

This is a sped-up gif of the full animation.

True Light Of Darkness