Rising from my chair after many hours of fixation on my computer screen, I give praise and gratitude for the healing movements of Yoga Asana.  I at last acknowledge the protestations of my shoulders and neck, held through a long spell of seated creativity.  All I need to recover is a space no greater than ‘the length of a bow,’ space enough to dive into the sweet peace of a Sun Salutation.

What a perfect counterbalance to the sedentary nature of digital creation!  What a welcome reminder of life beyond the screen!

How good it feels, this familiar place of health and inspiration, after days upon days of foraging beyond my comfort zone.  I am wading into the rushing currents of the 3d sculpting and animation Pipeline, a self-prescribed curriculum to serve greater goals.  The continuing path of digital art education sprawls before me, unfurling in long reams of golden toil.  Though the road before me seems long, I know where to find respite along the way.  Daily practice of Yoga and meditation calm my muscles and my mind.