Temple of Gnosis – by Stuart Griggs , a visionary artist living in u.k .Stuarts work flows with interior narrative, symbol and intention. A journey that creatively probes and conveys the primordial & the transpersonal, resonating with the profound awareness of our interconnection.

The painting [Temple Of Gnosis] conveys an immersion into a mysterious realm where the structures of the ego are peeled away to reveal a guiding intelligence within a repository of chaos , creativity and knowledge.
This is depicted through the images of the forged mundane masks opening to show a benevolent and empowering female deity .
Originating from the potency of nature , the goddess/intelligence of the plant is depicted in double helix form magically offering and encouraging life giving development and healing.
The spirit / archetype is blessed with the key to infinite potential , depicted in front of the door of a sacred space , a nexus point , traversing the spectrum of existence.
The guiding transmission of the sacred is portrayed through glyphic patterns emanating from the centre of the space.
The rising quetzalcoatl serpents represent transformation and connectedness emerging from the experience .
We are blessed with inherent creative potential for transformation and healing . to live with authentic purpose in an enchanting , mysterious and sacred world