Growing up in British Columbia, Canada, Simon developed a strong affinity to nature with artistic foundations in visual art and music. In 2004 he gravitated towards painting as a full time endeavour bringing his musical background into the visual realm. Simon has explored many visual mediums, including animation, often with a strong influence in spiritual themes connected to nature. He continues to produce music, and has released four full length albums from 2002 to 2013. From art galleries, to festivals, conventions, and online platforms, his work is exhibited globally. He currently works out of his studio as a freelance artist, while continuing to explore an ever expanding palette of creative endeavours.

Artist Statement:
“Empowering my creative force is the love, respect, and understanding that all life comes from the same source which can be experienced in many ways. In my dedication to the creative process, I strive to find ways of producing work and living life that inspire harmony between the Earth and its shared inhabitants. Each creation reflects an aspect of this journey, thinning the veil between physical and metaphysical realities in a blossoming awareness of that which connects us all.”

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