A companion video to the song “Calling The Others” by Anilah. Including motion graphics and artwork by Simon Haiduk, as well as an art feature by David Heskin.
These artists often create with an emphasis on exploring the relationship of sound and light to activate metaphysical aspects of our being, as well as an attempt to represent our connection to Earth and the energy of spirit that connects us all.

This project marks a period in my creative process where years of artistic exploration with visual and sonic arts have come together to express a synergistic vision that brings many elements together as one. Often when I paint I feel as though I am expressing sound in a visual way. Likewise, when I create music I feel very connected to a palette of colours and moods similar to visual expression. My understanding of quantum physics is also connected to these creative outlets, in that I see the material world as a more solidified version of sound and light frequencies. This piece aims to connect the viewer with a kind of primordial remembrance to metaphysical realities that are interwoven in all life. A place that we all come from, and that we are always connected to. Inanimate and animate, spirit and material. Sound creates light, and light is an object of sound or the, other way around.

The piece of music was chosen to animate with because of it’s ability to evoke this primordial and spiritual remembrance. It seemed to me as a beckoning to the heart from life beyond form to realize our connection to the all. As such, another aspect of this project is to explore how visual and sonic arts can effect or activate the energetic centres on our bodies. This piece aims specifically at the heart and pineal gland (or “third eye”), which connect us to metaphysical energies.

With an understanding of these connections, I see our physical experience as a chance to become symbiotic with all life forms and spirit so that we may live harmoniously with the Earth as a graceful expression of the divine. This project, and my art in general is a expression of this life experience.

Jake Korbin recently made a great post about Gaian Entelechy. This piece of mine has a very similar resonance and I encourage you to read his post if you haven’t yet.