“True riches is having something to contribute, having the time to be creative and being in love with everything again”

– Larry Santoyo


Visionary Photography : Scott Corman

“The meaning of life is to find your gift,

The purpose of life is to give it away.”

-Pablo Picasso

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Visionary Photography : Scott Corman

“Many of us have grown up in an era of conspicuous consumption where disposable lifestyles include the latest toys, fashions, two-car garages and international travel. Now we are challenged to face what these choices cost the survival potential of our species on Planet Earth. Can we transform our culture to live sustainably, considering the capacity of our shrinking planet?

The study of permaculture offers an ecological design toolkit that combines traditional knowledge from the worlds indigenous cultures with modern scientific understandings, teaching us how to redesign lifestyles, homes, gardens, farms and communities in a way that cares for the planetary future of humanity. Food production, education, governance, economics, even personal gardening can all be reexamined to reconnect existing systems. A permaculture redesign could effect how we manage energy and resources and cultivate resilience in our work, our relationships, our community, our ecosystem.”

Delvin Solkinson with Alex Grey and Allyson Grey  


Visionary Photography : Scott Corman

In Alliance with the Pod, Gaiacraft creates free media to share with the World Community.


Visionary Photography : Scott Corman

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Visionary Photography : Scott Corman

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Permaculture Principles Design Deck 3.0

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Nature has an operating system: OS Gaia. Permaculture draws from traditional and modern understandings about the principles upon which our Earth is designed. Nature is a pattern language, it’s a program made of design code with so much to teach us. The ability of our ecosystem to live without creating waste or destruction and regenerate itself is the secret of nature’s success on this planet. The great permaculture maestro Larry Santoyo notes that  “principles are indicators of sustainability”. We can see what principles are already in play within our design system and reinforce or replicate them. We can integrate more principles into our redesigns and retrofits, to increase the regenerative capacity of our system. The micro-set is a wing of the Permaculture Principles Design Deck sharing concepts Rosemary Morrow calls Attitudinal Principles. These design principles share approaches, attitudes and attunements to help you upgrade your home, garden, life, landscape and work.

Booster sets of the 7 Ways to Think Differently cards are available freely in Italian, Greek, Serbian, Spanish, and Portuguese with more languages coming. There is a new microset being released every moon or two, get on a list for updates by emailing delvin@cosm.org

Permaculture Workbook

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As an offering to the Transition, our permaculture team has created a Workbook of Permaculture Worksheets. Collected at trainings from some of the Masters and Maestras of Permaculture, these notes share a number of foundational concepts from the permaculture paradigm. This is a sampler of the core permaculture curriculum which itself is sourced and innovated from a vast collection of traditional and modern understandings, techniques, directives, principles, strategies, technologies and permaculture design methods found globally in many conscious cultures.

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Visionary Photography : Scott Corman

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Visionary Photography : Scott Corman


Art by Alex Grey                                                                                        Design by Sijay James of Onbeyond Metamedia

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Visionary Photography : Scott Corman

“Sitting at our back doorsteps, all we need to live a good life lies about us. Sun, wind, people, buildings, stones, sea, birds and plants surround us. Cooperation with all these things brings harmony.” – Bill Mollison