Starship Earth Voyage with Jacob and Delvin

petaluma-elvesAwesomely inspired after a Petaluma Permaculture Activation exploring the emerging edge of eco-education. What better way to get Podular then nest a creative retreat around a shared formal learning pathway?
We gathered with other conscious creatives in a converted barn that now served as a creation station and multipurpose learning center.

It was incredible learning from permaculture maestro Toby Hemenway. He talked to us about how “Nature manages waste as productivity” and suggested “finding the sweetest spot on the landscape and protect it instead of developing it”.

Check out his work :
His new book The Permaculture City is an awesome continuation of his best selling Gaia’s Garden, which we use as a core reader on some Gaiacraft permaculture design courses.

Delvin and Toby Hemenway

On this occasion, Jacob was also completing Toby’s Permaculture Design Consultancy Course in Petaluma.  Jacob and his group presented their epic design concept for a co-living site for disable adults in Santa Cruz, California.  The concept incorporated ADA-accessibility features, experiential learning garden spaces, an organic farm and a skill training community center.
Existing Site Layout

Existing Site Layout

PDC Group Design Plan

PDC Group Design Plan

DSC_0049We wandered lush California landscapes and communed podular Jacob attuning
style with the natural world.  The six-month PDC concluded its last weekend at the Monkey Ranch near Petaluma, California.  The site includes sheep ranching, a maker space replete with a large wood and tooling shop, and a lovely dammed pond amidst the rolling hillsides spattered with oaks.

The guest teacher for the weekend was the profoundly awesome Michael Becker, Middle School Teacher and adventurer extraordinaire.  Check out his work with Gaiacraft video


Jacob and Michael Becker

He told us to “Start now, doing something amazing in whatever situation you are in”
Here is his 4 step permie mantra :
Start Small with achievable goals
Obtain a Yield, each new success builds a foundation
Celebrate and share yields with your community
Get Back to Work, take it to the next level and build on what has been done.
He recommends people
Do a garden and life design including
Goals: What outcome are you designing for?

Process: How is your process going to achieve these goals?


Functional Relationships between parts: What are the key elements are you are connecting in your design?
After the event, while we were together in Jacob’s pod temple in Corallitos, we upgraded the Gaiacraft website including adding
Free Printable Posters
Free Printable Books
Free Printable Permaculture Learning and Teaching Tools
Micro-Videos with Innerviews of Permaculture Elders
and Podcasts with Feature Permaculture Drops !
Looking out across the future vista, the brothers see many potentials in the podular future. Expect a Permaculture Education Folio amongst many other visionary and artful tags in the time to come…

Podular Bonus Feature

Gaiacraft Permaculture Principles Design Deck

7 Ways to Think Differently Micro-Set

During this time we have also been sharing prototypes for the new Gaiacraft Permaculture Principles Design Deck which is being released as booster packs each month. With text from Delvin Solkinson in collaboration with Looby Macnamara and epic art and design from Unity You can download the Free Printable Files or Order the Professional Deck
Everything is a harvest, full of resources and opportunities. Giving and sharing, keeping goods and services moving, benefits us all. Redesigning the way we define wealth to include all things that support us, other people and the planet, we realize there is always enough for everyone. Gratitude is regenerative. Plant seeds for an abundant future. Be an Optimist.
Permaculture principles use creativity to empower basic common sense. They are inspired from nature: an abundant, resilient and regenerative system designed to endure and evolve over billions of years. People Permaculture is exploring the edge where nature meets culture, showing how ecological principles can help people to have successful and healthy relationships with each other and the planet. One of the visionary trailblazers at the new edge of permaculture is Looby Macnamara. Her work with People and Permaculture has inspired students and teachers around the world. This first microset shares attitudinal principles are sourced from her book 7 Ways to Think Differently and are designed to support and evolve everyones permaculture practice.