Enlightenment is a biological process.  Cross-examination of ancient systems such as Hatha Yoga, Chi Kung and host of other traditions reveal underlying physiological truths: By the cultivation of breath-energy and intentional circulation of electricity through the body, we amplify the flow of our natural biochemistry, channeling nutrition, hormones and vitality to every cell of the body like the veins of a leaf.  Through right diet, posture, breath, and exercise, human beings can awaken the inner fountain of longevity, and even the heightened sensory perception of great spiritual masters.

What is the spiritual potential of a human being? People have been achieving states of Illumination for thousands of years, known by traits such as a radiant aura, the ability to heal through touch, and a universal message of peace.  Sometimes stepping forward to become great teachers, they grant us a glimpse of the blissful, primordial Awareness that lay within us all.  May we foster understanding across spiritual traditions, creating a synthesis of the great teachings, that we may coax the latent potentials of the human being to full emergence.

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